Unruly Mane – Gin (2021)

If you are in the mood for a single that is sure to get stuck in your head, you are definitely in the right place. Unruly Mane combines wicked slide guitar solos with lyrics that fantasise over an unapologetic drink for the catchy tones of ‘Gin’. Written while pregnant as her partner found a new love for Bar Hill Gin, the single is Leea Scarola’s way of partaking in the fun without actually partaking at all.

This single has a fun vibe to it that brings a single moment in the lives of duo Leea and Steven Scarola to life. The married duo first formed the band in 2015 while inspired to write foot-stomping songs that go perfectly with a cold beer. Bringing snapshots of bravery, heartbreak, perseverance and love to their music, they bookmark moments in their lives for us all to enjoy.

‘Gin’ uses a powerful strum of the guitar to get your attention. This melodic line gains a stomping beat that has your foot tapping away to it. There is a wonderful alt-country vibe to the music that has you bopping around to it when the chorus hits. You can’t help but move around to the sound as it weaves its way into your muscles. The initial movement of the melody changes for the second verse before the guitar solo hits. The slide of the guitar is infectious and vibrates its energy into your soul. Everything drops for the vocals to shine before there is a rise in instrumentation and shouting backing vocals. You can easily imagine a crowd of people calling out with the single as the music flies through their senses.

The infectious energy of the music is beaten only by the fun vocal performance. Leea’s performance is all country-rock as she brings a yearning for a fun and unapologetic drink. There is this movement to her performance that has you bouncing around to the single. The catchy lyrics will have you singing along and wanting to turn the volume all the way up. When the vocals harmonise, the urge to sing along becomes almost unbearable and leads you into the fun crowd calls of the latter moments of the track. The energy of the single really lingers after it ends leaving you feeling happy and ready for some fun.

Unruly Mane brings a foot-stomping and bouncing fun time to our ears with the catchy and bright energy of ‘Gin’. The music has you bopping away to the melody and getting a little lost in the sliding guitar solo. The vocals are fun and turn into the perfect sing-along.

Find out more about Unruly Mane on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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