Vana Blu – Soul Thing (2020)

After a breakup, many people go through a time when they want their ex back and try to persuade them. This moment is captured by Vana Blu in his new single ‘Soul Thing’. This one-sided time when the ex has all the power is worked through with an exciting electro-soul and pop sound. The stripped-back sound of this single highlights the emotions of the track.

While the song is relatable, you can get into it even more with the music video. A collaboration with director Will Nash, Vana Blu creates a visual representation of the theme of the song.

‘Soul Thing’ gets your attention with shuffling notes and popping synths tones. The melody has a depth to it that flows with a soul vibe. There is something smooth about the music as it slides against your ears and gets you swaying to it. The electronic notes perfectly form the soulful beats, but there is a slight hint of pop resting in the lower levels. There is a slight uptick to the melody, but it retains all the smoothness that got you hooked to this song.

The smoothness is not limited to the melody as Vana Blu’s vocals have a velveteen tone. His voice slides over your senses alongside the melody to draw you into the song. There is a sense of hidden power in his performance that makes you focus more on his voice. The lyrics of the single set the scene of the moments just after a breakup, but his performance does not have the imploring tone you might imagine.

The music video takes a different approach to the portrayal of the song. Instead of getting real people for the video, dolls are used instead. This could take some of the relatability out of the single, but the creative direction of the video avoids this. The story of the video might not seem like it connects with the message of the song but there is a subtle link. Regardless of the messaging, the video is very engaging and fun to watch.

Vana Blu hits you with some exciting electro-soul and pop as he works through wanting an ex back in ‘Soul Thing’. The single is engaging and gets you hooked from the first moments. The accompanying music video is a lot of fun to watch and uses an interesting creative method.

Find out more about Vana Blu on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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