Acrost – Pink Rabbit (2020)

Acrost led us down a forest path and we got lost in his sound through ‘Brigmore’. He is now taking us back into the trees for his new single ‘Pink Rabbit’. This single is all about a sleepwalk in the woods where your dreams can turn into a real nightmare. Drawing on personal experiences with Hypnagogia, Acrost takes you along the dreamlike scenario where nothing is at it seems.

Using his signature and expansive folk sound, you are transported into the woods and the emotions of this. The soundscape he creates forms a melancholic state that wraps around you and sends you into the dreamy scenario.

The expansive opening of ‘Pink Rabbit’ has an almost otherworldly vibe to it. This gives way to the folky guitar that draws you into the woods. The acoustic guitar-driven melody has this deep beat resting in the lower levels that creates a darkness to the music. The interplay between the guitar and the deep beats creates the feeling that the gentleness of the guitar could give way to something darker. This highlights the vibe of the lyrics and vocal performance.

The dreamy feeling of the melody is compounded by Acrost’s vocal performance. His vocals have an airiness to them that turns them into the gentle fog of early mornings in the woods. While his voice is misty, there is a cold bite to it that reminds you of the creeping darkness lurking around the wooden undergrowth.

If the single itself is not able to transport you into a creeping dreamlike state, the accompanying video will. Using a combination of shots in the woods with a woman sleeping then having nightmare problems, the video provides the perfect visual representation of the song. The gentle and dreamy movements of the music are wonderfully captured in the transitions of the video making it an interesting accompaniment.

Acrost gently draws you into a dreamy woods where nothing is quite what it seems in ‘Pink Rabbit’. This single continues the expansive soundscape he is known for. His vocals are a steady presence with just the right amount of darkness lurking around.

Find out more about Acrost on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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