Vassilis – Better Days are Here (2020)

The ongoing pandemic has caused a lot of people to fall into a spiral of despair. Vassilis is here to help you find the good in a sea of negativity through his single ‘Better Days are Here’. Through an introspective soundscape, he focuses on what really matters in life while filtering out the negative climate enveloping the world.

While Vassilis has years of experience under his belt having played in various bands, he only recently started making music on his own. In late 2020, he released his first solo single with this one following it up. Through his solo music, he looks to capture memorable moments and deliver them through an emotive soundscape.

The strummed opening of ‘Batter Days are Here’ creates an atmospheric soundscape full of lazy contemplations. The piano line that joins the guitar adds to the vibe of the opening. There is a somewhat melancholic vibe to the music that moves to a more uplifting and happy feeling later in the track. The shuffling drums create a lift to the spirit that helps you shrug off the negativity of the world. There are a few subtle changes in the melody that keep you engaged and floating with the music. These changes add a pulse of emotion through the music that helps you connect with the lyrics.

Vassilis’ voice adds to the atmospheric feeling of the single. There is a slightly rough edge to his voice that pulls you further into the swirl of the music. The vocal harmonies add a wistful veil to the vocals as Vassilis turns your attention to the good things in life. There is a motivating boost in the lyrics as he tells you that it is never too late to make a brand new start.

Vassilis fills you with hope and optimism as he wades through the sea of negativity that is the current world climate with ‘Better Days are Here’. Through the changes in the melody and the lyrics, you are filled with hope for the future. To this, he adds a dash of motivation and highlights what is really important in our lives.

Find out more about Vassilis on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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