Semi Fang ft Del Lune – River (2021)

In the darkest times, it can be hard to pull yourself out of the murkiness of life. This is when you need the special people in your life who are there to help. ‘River’ by Semi Fang tells the story of these times and people with the help of Del Lune. Written at the start of the pandemic, the single captures the hard times many can relate to while looking at how loved ones can help.

Siblings Semi Fang and Del Lune merge their styles and musical depths for this slightly chilled electronic pop single. Semi Fang’s powerful electronic atmospheres draw the emotions of the track out while Del Lune’s dynamic vocals help ground you with the people you love.

‘River’ draws you in with the most delicate piano line. It taps against your ears like rain hitting puddles as the light glints off the ripples. This delicate tone twirls its way around the electronic beats that come through from the low levels. There is a delightful interplay between the organic and electronic tones that form a swirling soundscape of wonder. Together, they fill you with a wonderful lightness that can lift you out of the darkest days. The interwoven nature of the music highlights the musicality of the siblings and is so artfully executed.

Lune’s vocals are a light tone that threatens to float away on a gentle breeze. While light and soft, her performance has a depth that brings the trouble of the lyrics to your attention. The lightness of the melody and brightness of the vocals are a little at odds with the lyrics which detail everything pulling you into the darkness. The chorus has an ominous touch as the darkness threatens to swallow you only for Lune’s vocals to shine and offer a helping hand.

Semi Fang and Del Lune create an interplay of light and dark through the gentle tones of ‘River’. The melody is all light touches and delicate swirls that fill you with light vibes. While Lune’s vocals continue this delicacy, the lyrics threaten to pull you into the darkness only to offer a helping hand on the chorus.

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