Wild Tibetan Monks – Cartoons (2020)

For most people, there is a path that you feel you need to follow based on societal norms. The journey down these paths and the final realisation that this might not be what you want is the basis of ‘Cartoons’ by Wild Tibetan Monks. Creating a sense of nostalgia through the melody, the band also plays tension against release as they explore the pressures of modern life.

This exploration is brought to your ears by Sean (vocals, bass), Ringo (guitar) and Liam (drums). The trio has performed together for several years after meeting in college in 2011. While much of their early work was playing covers, they are now focusing on recording and releasing original material.

‘Cartoons’ has a soft opening that eases you into the soundscape. The delicate melodic tones combine with a shuffling beat to draw you further into the melody. The easy tone gives way for a more defiant chorus full of wailing guitars and pounding drums. This is a wonderful sonic interplay of the resting tensions of the verses and the release of the chorus. While the melody creates the swell of pressures, the vocals are perfectly matched.

Sean’s vocals come in smoothly to slide across the gentle opening soundscape. His performance drapes around your shoulders to pull you in the direction the band wants you to go. Through the gentle verses, he fills you with a light sense of nostalgia before breaking away on the chorus for a releasing shout. Through this vocal movement, you are taken into the emotions of the track as you are led down society’s path only to break free on the chorus.

Wild Tibetan Monks draw you into a reflective and easy melody only to wail the release of pressure in ‘Cartoons’. The pressures of modern life are beautifully recreated through the easy flow of the melody that climbs to an epic release on the chorus.

Find out more about Wild Tibetan Monks on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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