Winnie Ama – What Are We (2020)

Arguments can reveal a lot about people you think you know. ‘What Are We’ by Winnie Ama takes a look at when these arguments happen and you realise that you don’t know people as well as you thought you did. The single looks at finding out that people you thought were on your side are not and the unexpected realisation that other people are on your side. This is something that everyone can relate to given the crazy journey that is 2020.

Ama eases you through these realisations with her soft and soulful vocals. The poetry of her lyrics also makes these jarring moments more palatable and easier to get through. If you are struggling to cope with the fallout of complex relationships, this song is here to help.

‘What Are We’ has this wonderful RnB opening that gets you into the groove of the song from the start. The deep and shuffling beat pounds in your soul and gets you moving to it. The lighter notes in the melody add this flow to the melody that is wonderful to hear. There is a jazzy flair to the melody that combines with the overall vibe to make the single a contemporary soul fest.

Ama’s vocals add to the smooth flow of the melody. Her vocals have a hint of Macy Gray to them but there is a smoothness that is all Winnie Ama. Her soulful tone works perfectly with her poetic lyrics. The deeper backing vocals also highlight the softer and lighter tone of her performance. The velvety feeling of her performance transports you into the moment of the song.

Winnie Ama uses poetic lyrics, soulful vocals and a jazzy RnB beat to question where we stand in ‘What Are We’. The song is packed with soulful beats that fill your chest and velveteen vocals that smoothly rub against your ears. All the elements combine to create a contemporary soul single that you will want to listen to again and again.

Find out more about Winniw Ama on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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