Dunne – Pure and Bare (2020)

The pandemic has left a lot of the world in disarray, but Dunne is looking to combat this with his new single ‘Pure and Bare’. Focusing on love and the burning desire for togetherness, the single keeps you hooked with a dynamic performance and radiant arrays of sound. Filled with passion from start to finish, he makes the most of every second of the track. The colourful hooks and bold sounds of the track sparkle for a sonic experience.

Injected with his belief that music has a fundamental role in society, the single touches on themes that are extremely relatable. Using his years of experience, Dunne is relaunching his music career and taking full control of his destiny. Set against this backdrop, his new music is exciting and comes with a music video.

‘Pure and Bright’ gets your attention with a stop-start opening. The rich synths between the pauses set you up for the tone of the track. These tones lead you to a piano-driven melody that has this great pace to it. This melody melds with the lush synths of the song to create a depth to the track and this unbelievable vibrance. There is also this amazing energy to the melody that gets you into the uplifting space created by the vocals.

Dunne’s vocals are airy and have this floating quality to them as they sit above the melody. They flow through you and deliver the positive vibes of the lyrics. There is this strange charm to the performance that is soft and hypnotic. His performance blends wonderfully with the melody for a vivid soundscape.

The music video for this single is amazingly created using this simplicity that brings out the emotions of the lyrics. It is a very easy to watch video that makes you focus on the lyrics and performance of the track instead of the movement on the screen. There are moments of visual echoing that match the single and this helps to draw you even further into the song.

Dunne is back with his rich and vibrant single ‘Pure and Bare’ hitting you with good vibes and a lush soundscape. The single has a depth to the melody that complements the lightness of the vocals. The accompanying music video draws you into the vocal performance while providing emotive visuals.

Find out more about Dunne on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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