Abby London – Miss Him the Most (2022)

With her singles ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Bushes’, Abby London took us on journeys through the human spirit and the less pleasant side of relationships. Now, she looks at dealing with the pain of loss that comes when a rock-solid and stabilising presence in your life leaves in ‘Miss Him the Most’. With powerful emotions, the single captures the good times, and the bad, that you weather with this presence by your side.

Written as a way of dealing with the pain that came when she lost her cat Kronos, the feelings and experiences woven into the single make it more than what it first seems. While based on her relationship with Kronos, and the stable presence he provided in her life over the years, there is a universal feeling that envelops the song. This feeling makes you think about the people and animals in your own life, who offer the rock you can rest against, even in the most turbulent times.

The piano line that opens ‘Miss Him the Most’ has a light flow to it that draws you into the single. It is a very beautiful piano-driven melody that fills the soundscape. The stripped back acoustic movement of the music adds an intensity to the emotions woven into the vocals. At times, the music stops completely to add emphasis to the vocals and the emotions they drive into you. This is a wonderful sonic device that showcases the musical prowess London has and uses without any effort.

While the melody drives the single forward with an acoustic flair, it is London’s vocals that really shine. Her performance is powerful in its emotive maturity as she reaches into your chest and tugs at your heartstrings. Through the lyrics, she tells the tale of years spent together with someone important in your life and the trials they help you through. While the single is written about Kronos the cat, there is an ambiguity to the lyrics that allows you to link the sentiment of the track to someone in your life.

Through the acoustic tones and powerful emotive vocals of ‘Miss Him the Most’, Abby London tugs at your heart and pays tribute to the people in life who help you through dark times. While the melody is stripped-back, the powerful movements of the piano drive the emotions of the vocals. Her performance is as powerful as the melody, as she shines with emotional maturity.

Find out more about Abby London on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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