ÆUR – Lustral (2019)

While you might wonder how to pronounce their name, you will never wonder why you are listening to ÆUR. This hard rock band hails from New York and are bringing their own brand of music for your listening pleasure. Their release ‘Lustral’ is a great introduction to what this band has to offer.

The track is all about vanity and popularity culture. This is a topic that seeps into everyone’s lives whether you notice it or not. This uneasy theme is handled in an easy manner making the band one to watch.

‘Lustral’ hits you with driving guitars from the first note. The opening hooks you and the continuing driving melody keeps your attention. While the melody is driving, it is not aggressive and gently draws you through the track. The guitars in the song have a great rhythm to them without being overpowering.

The vocals are a smooth upper layer to the track that drape over the melody. They are soft on the ears while engaging and make you want to continue listening. There is something captivating about the vocal performance that makes you want to listen to the track again and again. The lyrics also help as they detail vanity and all the ugliness of popularity culture.

While ÆUR may have a hard to pronounce name, their track ‘Lustral’ is anything but hard to listen to. The song is engaging from the gentle but driving melody to the smooth vocals.

Find out more about ÆUR on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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