The Wildwoods – Thirteen Sailboats (2022)

There are times when we are all plagued by the what-ifs of the past and consider where we could be if we had done something differently. This is something that The Wildwoods pick up in their single ‘Thirteen Sailboats’ using the fictional story of a sailor and his admiration for a character who represents those who have found success. While the sailor considers everything that could have been, he comes to an important realisation before speaking to his younger self.

Based on a poem written by Noah Gose, he and his wife Chloe Gose carefully crafted the music to capture the essence of the emotions his words invoke. Using a folk-pop sound, the husband and wife duo draw on a range of influences and their unique touch. The duo first met in middle school and started performing together at 14 when they quickly gained popularity in their local music scene before moving on to bigger and better things.

The rather melancholic tones of the folk guitar open ‘Thirteen Sailboats’ before the strings add their own wave of sadness. It is a very gentle melody that lulls you into a relaxed state where you can fully take in the melancholic beauty of the vocals. While there is a heavy touch of forlorn feelings in the music, there is this light glint in the distance that draws you toward it. This is the initial spark of the important realisation that comes through in the vocals. The gentleness of the melody rises like a large wave crashing against the deck of a boat. This swirling tone is beautiful and sweeps you into the current of the ocean of sound. While the melody is dominated by two instruments, the way the band plays them against each other is absolutely stunning.

Against the gentle strum of the guitar, Chloe’s vocals draw you into dreaming about something more than what you have. When Noah’s vocals come in, they bring the admiration for a character who seems to have found the success that he wants. There is something about their performance that seems to reach out over the waves of the music like fog in the early morning. As the melody rises on the waves of sound, their vocals climb to swirl the emotions of the track in your chest. The harmonising of their vocals echoes the messaging of the lyrics.

The Wildwoods have you riding the waves of the ocean as they fill your chest with swirling emotions and realisations with ‘Thirteen Sailboats’. The music is rich as it sweeps you out onto the open waves and catches you in the current of the sea. Both Noah and Chloe provide powerful vocals that are steeped in emotion and lead you to an important realisation.

Find out more about The Wildwoods on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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