Alex Stanilla – Glowing (2021)

Alex Stanilla is bringing a delightfully contrasting feeling to listeners with his single ‘Glowing’. With upbeat and catchy melodics, the single fills you with good vibes. The lyrics tell another much gloomier story of feeling bad about yourself and having to work through regret. With layers of lyrics and melodics, there is something new for you to grab onto with each listen.

The single delves into thinking about someone you loved who is doing really well without you with a hit of nostalgic tones. With the help of his friend Zach on drums, Stanilla contrasts music and emotions with effortless mastery. With his solo music focussing on the messy unknown, he gets you hooked to the layered approach he takes.

The glittering twinkles that open ‘Glowing’ at met with a great driving beat. The lightness of the music creates an upbeat flow that is all lightness and good vibes. These vibes only become better as the single continues and the melody draws you into the twinkling lights of the night sky. There is a wave of nostalgia that flows through the middle level of the track. This has been very lightly inserted into the music to enhance the emotions of the track without taking anything from the positive vibes. The upbeat movements are wonderful as they make you smile and feel good about things. Later in the track, there is a moment of warbling that makes you feel that everything is not what it seems.

While the upbeat movement of the melody fills you with good vibes, the vocals are a different story. Stanilla’s voice is light while the lyrics are sad and forlorn. There is dejected hopelessness to the vocal performance that fills you with the regret of the story. As his vocals bring the sadder edge of the track, there is also a forward movement to overcome this. By facing the sadness head on, he offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

Alex Stanilla uses layers of music and lyrics to contrast upbeat positive vibes with regret and gloom in ‘Glowing’. The movement of the music is wonderful as it catches you in the waves of sound and moves you forward through the emotions of the lyrics. While the lyrics and vocals bring the sadder side of the track, they also help you work through things and take a step toward a brighter future.

Find out more about Alex Stanilla on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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