Annemarie Picerno – Color Blind (2021)

With a stunning use of metaphors, Annemarie Picerno is asking all of us to look beneath the surface and see a person’s character in ‘Color Blind’. Through this single, she makes a timely plea to listeners to bypass colour and look at what is in someone’s heart and mind. While packed with questioning tones and colourful metaphors, the song implores everyone to use a new perspective when looking at love, acceptance and judging other people.

Picerno brings a colourful history in the entertainment industry to her music as she fuses it with her powerful voice. Over the years, she has performed in theatre, various musical genres, on television and film. To get the important messaging of this track through, she uses a wonderful mixture of Americana, blues and classic rock.

‘Color Blind’ captivates from the first second with a soaring classic rock guitar line. There is a western rock vibe to the melody as the music catches you in its web. There is a slight darkness to the music that comes through in the dash of blues resting in the low lines. The arrangement of the melody is amazing as it draws you further and further into the single while turning your head in the direction Picerno wants you to look. It is a very addictive melody that you can’t get enough of.

As the melody captivates you, Picerno’s vocals powerfully call out over it. Her voice soars into your chest and tugs at your heart to make you question how you approach people. There is an imploring vibe to her performance that makes you really think about the lyrics. While there is a heavy use of metaphors, the lyrics are not bogged down by this as they are easy to connect with and consider the meaning of.

The powerful single uses a mix of characters in the official music video to bring the message of the track home. The video is a cinematic wonder of subtle metaphors in the imagery and a captivating cast of characters. Some of the characters include a vigilante, empress, sorceress and warrior who all call for you to look below the surface. Meeting these characters is interspersed with some abstract imagery and images of people and events that drive the message of the track.

Annemarie Picerno asks for listeners to look deeper than skin tone and focus on what is in people’s hearts and minds in ‘Color Blind’. With powerful vocals and easily accessible metaphors, the single takes on the heavy topic of racism leading you to a true acceptance of others. The official music video is a cinematic extravaganza that brings the message of the track to rich visuals.

Find out more about Annemarie Picerno on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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