No stranger to The Other Side Reviews, UK-based quartet THIRD LUNG is back with another hard-hitting single. Drawing together the band members’ differing influences and styles, the group provides a genre-defying sound. Inspired by everything from Fleetwood Mac, Chaka Khan, ABBA, Queen and Tower of Power, THIRD LUNG is innovative, eclectic and ingenious. Featured in A&R Factory, Classic Rock Magazine, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing and Northern Exposure, the band is reaching audiences on a global scale. The latest addition to the repertoire is the single ‘I A FIRE’.

Following an explosive 2020, THIRD LUNG burst into 2021 with their latest single ‘I A FIRE’. Reminiscent of Arcade Fire and Spoon, there is a strong alternative rock influence; however, the group retains originality to their music. The powerful guitars and pounding drums drag you to a heartfelt blanket of sound; however, it is Tom Farrelly’s vocals that add a sense of melancholic tenderness. Moreover, the poetic lyricism enhances the intimacy and intensity of the anthemic track.

Touching on the fragility of humanity, ‘I A FIRE’ is a provocative track cutting to the core of a person’s soul. In fact, it recklessly exposes issues of inner conflict, anxiety and frustration without abandon. Using a personal narrative, accompanied by Sam Waugh’s drums, Rob Jacque’s bass and Cams Jurasek’s lead guitar, Farrelly effortlessly captivates you with his warm voice. What I find intriguing is how ‘I A FIRE’ has an underlying sadness but prompts a lingering sense of empowerment and optimism. I suppose that is because the track is about rebirth, regrowth, a coming of age and retrospective insight.

In addition to this inspirational single, THIRD LUNG released an official music video. In accordance with the message of empowerment and rebirth, the video is merely a mish-mash of studio rehearsals. Showcasing their vulnerability in this simplistic offering, THIRD LUNG add a visual intimacy to ‘I A FIRE’ making it engaging, anthemic and toe-tingling.

For more from THIRD LUNG check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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