Bares – Fruit (2021)

In the past, summer was a time of freedom and happiness, but for many, the uncomplicated nature of the season has taken a serious turn. This is something that Bares experienced and she has turned the anxiety she feels in the lead up to summer into her single ‘Fruit’. The Australian singer infuses an indie soul swing into her sound as she considers the complications that are now felt under the hot summer sun.

Drawing on her experience in the summer fires in Australia, Bares tempered her unease with the gratefulness that seasonal fruit will be on sale. With a touch of dream pop added to the soulful movements of the track, she crafts a candid approach to her feelings and an understanding that many people can relate to. The return to her soul roots helps her bring the message and emotions of the single to life.

‘Fruit’ has a wonderfully soft opening that hums against your senses. The beats bring a soulful movement to the track that offers the touch of a cool breeze on a warm day. The easiness of the melody has you sinking into the warmer and peaceful summer vibes that many connect summer to. This easiness is a little at odds with the undertone of tension that flows through the vocals. As the single progresses, you are drawn further into the plush soulful shuffles of the music. It is rather decadent like a sweet fruit packed with juice that bursts as you bite into it.

The soulful and warm melody is at times at odds with the vocals while enhancing it at other times. Bares’ vocals are as soulful as the music but carry a greater power. Through her performance, she puts a slight smile on your face while sprinkling her misgivings about the season through the undertones. It is a really masterful performance as she carefully balances the emotions and messaging of the track. Her performance has the bright colours of summer, the warmth of the season and gratefulness at the bounties of the time, but this is contrasted by an underlying worry over what could happen in terms of natural disasters. It is a really amazing blending of tones, thoughts and emotions that sinks into your soul.

Bares tempers the warmth and happiness with a sense of unease over the natural complications that come with summer in ‘Fruit’. The soulful tones of the track sink into you while filling you with a strange sense of peace. Her vocals are a masterful mixture of happiness for some of the things summer brings and trepidation for the potential problems.

Find out more about Bares on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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