Bernhard Hollinger – Fly (2020)

Part of the upcoming scene of progressive musicians in Berlin, Bernhard Hollinger is combining traditional and modern elements to defy genres. His compositions mirror his diverse interesting in music. He is also able to gather highly talented upcoming musicians to contribute to his unique and dynamic sound. His contrast-full program shines with his single ‘Fly’ from his upcoming album 1987.

The song is the start of an adventurous journey full of playful dreams and impulsive subconscious. The upcoming EP and this single are influenced by David Lynch who asked “Do we stop to dream or start to dream, when we are born?”.

‘Fly’ uses a light yet somewhat eery opening to grab your attention. The steady beat of the opening combines with the deeper notes to form an underlayer to the song. It has the feeling of something building or that early morning chill you feel on your skin before you set out on an adventure.

The light melody gives way to something much more cinematic and vast. The expansive feeling of the music is all-encompassing and draws you further into the song. There is an undulation to the song that is wonderfully portrayed with wavering notes that makes you think about the illogical movement of dreams. There is a move to lighter almost atmospheric tones that are more playful before you hit the outro of the track which is a skilful awakening from a dream.

Bernhard Hollinger uses the instrumental track ‘Fly’ to take you on an adventure through the subconscious. He uses a wonderful combination of instruments and arrangements to depict the wavering and undulating flow of dreams. There is a cinematic vibe to the song that captivates you and keeps you listen to it again and again.

Find out more about Bernhard Hollinger on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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