Track of the Day: SpünDay – Weekend Dads

It was during a Melt Banana performance in Cardiff that the alternative/noise-rock band SpünDay was born. After seeing and hearing the mind-melting effects of Melt Banana’s pedal madness, the South Wales lads were inspired to do the same…or something like it. The aim of SpünDay is to push the boundaries of a song using only the bass, guitar and drums. Formed two years ago (give or take), these Welsh gents are about to unleash their third single ‘Weekend Dads’ on the unsuspecting public.

If you aren’t a fan of genre-defying, mind-bending and overall loud music, then ‘Weekend Dads’ may not be your cup of tea. Not altering at all from their last two singles, ‘Show Me Your Speedface’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Essex’, ‘Weekend Dads’ is going full speed ahead without looking back. Giving each member a chance to shine, this heavy rock anthem integrates strong riffs with dynamic vocals. I think the well-known Italian racing driver Mario Andretti summed up ‘Weekend Dads’ (and possibly SpünDay) when he said: “if everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

“‘Weekend Dads’ is a game of two halves really. The bastard son of J Mascis takes over for an extended intro and is then usurped by a gang of hippies with tambourines for the second part of the song. Luckily, the result is ear nectar.” – SpünDay on ‘Weekend Dads’

Check out our interview with SpünDay where they speak about ‘Once Upon A Time In Essex’!

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