Bird Dreams – Metro Dream (2020)

Bird Dreams is a Berlin-based art-rock band amazing audiences with their adventurous songwriting and stylistic choices. Laura Bondi (vocals, guitar) and Danil Zverkhanovsky (backing vocals, guitar) formed the band in 2017 as a duo, but Joschka Oßke (keyboards) and Hiromu Seifert (drum) finished the line-up in 2019. Together they have released their first single ‘Metro Dream’.

The song is all about the experience of feeling far from home and having to continue the search for it. While all members of the band share a jazz background, the song takes on attributes from different genres. The strong personality of the band is clearly highlighted in their debut track.

‘Metro Dream’ first gets your attention with the rather unconventional melodic opening. There is a melding of different notes that seem disconnected at first, but blend into a captivating melody. This interesting rhythm complements Bondi’s melodic vocals perfectly as she offers the glue that holds everything together.

Her vocals are light and willowy floating over you as the music captivates. The band’s adventurous musical style can be heard throughout the song. There are changes in the tempo of the vocals and the introduction of more aggressive guitars that could throw the song for a loop. However, the band’s ability to reign in all their unique choices creates a track that you can’t help but enjoy.

Bird Dreams showcase their adventurous musical style with their first single ‘Metro Dream’. The song is full of interesting stylist choices that somehow work together to form a pleasant and enjoyable track.

Find out more about Bird Dreams on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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