Blessed Is Ruby ft Mduduzi Nqubezelo – You’ve Come So Far (2019)

A lot of people overlook the importance of positive thinking and encouragement. Well, Blessed Is Ruby has teamed up with theatre star Mduduzi Nqubezelo to remind us otherwise in the single ‘You’ve Come So Far’. Through the blending of two musical worlds, they lift you up with gratitude and positive vibes to help reach true alignment and spiritual wellbeing.

Oli Rose, the creator of Blessed Is Ruby, was picked up and mentored by producer Cameron Mcvey (Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry) after graduating from university. Since then, Rose has worked with a range of artists in a variety of roles. Now, Rose is bringing years of experience to the unique storytelling and uplifting tones of Blessed Is Ruby.

The opening of ‘You’ve Come So Far’ calls out across the soundscape as Nqubezelo’s voice rings out on its own. There is a touching feeling that draws you into the vocals that bring a theatrical flair to the music. When the verse starts, he brings a sombre feeling before his vocals again call out into the soundscape. With a sense of two vocal performances playing off each other and you get the feeling of a big production while also feeling a touch of intimacy. Through the vocals, you can feel your spirit reaching out for positivity while the lyrics make you feel better about life and yourself.

Beneath the rather epic vocal performance is an expansive soundscape. The music has a gentle touch to it that helps lift your spirits with the vocals. There is a hint of world music to the tones that wrap around some pop sensibilities. Everything in the melody comes together for a truly blended soundscape that melds into a wholistic experience. You can’t imagine the melody sounding any differently as each element is artfully woven together.

Blessed Is Ruby teams up with Mduduzi Nqubezelo for a theatrical yet intimate production in ‘You’ve Come So Far’. The interplay of the vocals helps your spirit soar on the air drifts of positivity woven in each word. Helping you soar is the melody that combines world music with pop sensibilities for an airy lightness.

Find out more about Blessed Is Ruby on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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