Heather Rae – Loco Por Dinero (2021)

Money makes the world go round or so the saying goes. The problem is that we don’t all have the money to live as comfortably as we want. This has been picked up by Heather Rae for her witty single ‘Loco Por Dinero’ which considers the minor inconveniences this brings. Inspired by her switching from a $5 latte, which was a luxury she needed to change, to a $2 americano.

Relatable and humorous, the single is an anthem that we never knew we needed. Since breaking out into the entertainment industry in professional ice shows, Rae offers a unique pop sound. While continuing to perform in ice shows, she is unleashing her witty take of life on the world.

The piano line that opens ‘Loco Por Dinero’ has a dancing vibe that combines with the thumping beats to make you want to move. The shuffled tones and guitar line that comes in on the chorus adds to the dancing vibe of the music. There is a touch of Latin-pop in the melody that has your body shimmying to the music. As the song progresses, there is a burst of light through the melody that bolsters the witty and sarcastic lyrics. The horns that come in add to the Latin vibes for a really engaging single.

Rae’s vocals have a honeyed tone to them that pulls you in. There is a sultry pop vibe to her vocals as she works through the clever lyrics that detail the minor issues not having money brings. All the lyrics are completely relatable and put a smile on your face. While they are all issues, the bright vibes of her performance mixed with the dancing of the melody make the song rather irresistible. The chorus has a really catchy flow that makes you want to dance around while singing along.

Heather Rae hits you with a witty take on the troubles not having money brings in the infectious ‘Loco Por Dinero’. The music brings a dancing vibe to the song that is enhanced by Rae’s vocals delivery. The lyrics are catchy and relatable while offering you a blast of cynicism, wit and sarcasm.

Find out more about Heather Rae on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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