Superalfa! – Ahora O Nunca (2017)

Superalfa! are taking on toxic relationships in their single ‘Ahora O Nunca’. Through the alt-rock tones of the song, they consider looking forward to leaving a bad relationship behind. This is tempered with the understanding that it can be hard to do this but that in the end, it will all be worthwhile.

This look at the light at the end of the toxic relationship tunnel comes from Sensei (vocals, guitar), Igor (guitar), Gerar (bass) and Josu (drums). Sensei and Gerar connected with each other at college while Igor was a friend of both. Josu finished the line-up after a casting and the band has since placed with some prominent Spanish bands and local festivals.

‘Ahora O Nunca’ blasts into your ears with a heavy guitar line that blisters into your brain. When the drums come running into the soundscape, you are sent into a blissful wash of rock tones. There is an infectiousness to the music that puts a smile on your face as you ride the waves of guitars. With a splash of classic rock styling, the music propels you into a wonderland of sound. There is a great rise and fall to the melody that bolsters the vocals and the excitement laced into each melodic element.

Sensei’s vocals bring a gruffness to the soundscape that delightfully scratches against the roiling of the melody. While the lyrics are in Spanish, you can pick up the meaning through his performance. There are moments of rough vulnerability that tumble into a soaring excitement on the chorus that comes with the freedom of leaving a toxic relationship. His vocal delivery also makes the language barrier inconsequential because you feel like hearing this song in English would lose some of the meaning.

Superalfa! have you rocking out to their infectious sound while looking forward to freedom after leaving a toxic relationship in ‘Ahora O Nunca’. The Spanish-language single captivates you from the first moment with a blistering guitar. The rough edge of the vocals scrapes delightfully against your ears while adding a little something to the track.

Find out more about Superalfa! on their Facebook and Spotify.

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