Daniel Bohn – Divinity (2022)

Daniel Bohn offered us some deep insight into the merger of fantasy and mental health that is his album Colors of the Land. He is continuing this fusion of fantasy with his music in ‘Divinity’, which tells the story of a hero discovering his deity has betrayed him. Through the story, we are treated to the hero losing faith in his gods, while soaking up the melodic metal flows of Bohn’s music.

A sonic journey packed with darkness and powerful experiences, the single takes metal storytelling to a whole new level. With a touch of the avant-garde and a splash of industrial tones, he brings a dark and twisted emotion that rests inside your chest. Not only is this single an epic take on betrayal by a higher power, but it is also the connecting story leading us all to Bohn’s next album.

‘Divinity’ has a dark fantasy feeling to the opening as it reaches out into the fog of the melody. The almost bubbling electronic tones bring a strange tension to the melody, while the melodic flows warble with pale colours. This rather soft opening is tossed to the side as the heavier metal blasts make their way into the track. The gritty guitars are all darkness as they swirl out from the fog. As the single progresses, an epic building of metal styles takes place and perfectly complements the almost gothic choral backing vocals. It is a twisting melody that is packed with all the goodness of metal that effortlessly draws you into the story of the track. Later, the guitar line tugs at your heart as the true betrayal of the single hits and leaves you reeling with the hero of the tale.

Through the gentle opening, a vocal line calls out to you with an otherworldly touch. As the music changes, Bohn’s metal vocals burst forth with the dark twisting take of the track. There is a passionate feeling to his performance as he brings a heavy hit of death metal to the single. Through his performance, you can feel the bite of betrayal and the disillusionment of the hero. His voice is taken to greater heights by the gothic backing vocals. The contrast between these vocal lines is wonderful as the metal screams are the pained betrayal of the hero, while the gothic and otherworldly lines are the gods who have betrayed him. As the single progresses, these two lines join for a moment, only for Bohn’s performance to take over and fill your senses with the utter betrayal of the track.

Daniel Bohn brings the bite of betrayal to disillusionment through the twisting, gritty and dark twists of the fantasy metal ‘Divinity’. The single is a masterpiece of contrasts, bringing the celestial tones of the hero’s gods to the screams of betrayal he feels. All of this is wrapped up in the best elements of melodic and death metal that scream through your senses, leaving you feeling as betrayed as the central character.

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  • June 17, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    This song is really sick!! impressive!


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