Earth to Abigail – The Forest (2021)

Technology is something that we often take for granted because it has become an intrinsic part of our lives. Earth to Abigail brings the beauty of technology and everything that goes into it to life with their music. Their EP The Forest is a shining example of this as they weave unconventional musical production with layered vocals.

Using live coding to generate the electronic side of the tracks, they offer us something truly unique yet so closely linked to daily life. While Mynah Marie, the artist behind the music, has been playing music for as long as they can remember, they moved away from the classical sounds of their training when they experienced a difficult period in life and found a passion for technology and computer programming. Since then, they have been releasing their unique brand of music under this moniker and bringing their love and passion for music and technology to our ears.

The title track ‘The Forest’ opens the EP with a slow build of ticking tones. These light tones meet the wavering higher electronic notes for a really soft and peaceful movement. The addition of bird song adds an organic edge to the overall electronic soundscape. Marie’s vocals float into the track perfectly and bring another layer of softness to the track. Their performance is touching and emotive as it meets the melody and draws you in. As the track progresses, the lightness of the melody lifts a bit with zipping tones taking over the underlying layers. Their vocals evolve to match the movement of the melody which enhances the message woven into the lyrics.

‘A E I O U’ has a more expansive opening with tones warping past you like they are travelling at lightspeed. The plucked electronic tones are almost organic in their sound which brings an interesting feeling to the track. The vocals start as a hum that weaves between the musical notes and creates a rather haunting feeling to the track. The vocals continue to offer a haunting edge as they move to a rather meditative chant that has your spirit dancing and flowing with their movement. The warping tones of the melody carry on throughout the single while a pulsing beat starts to shake up your insides. The cascade of bells adds a glittering sheen to the music rounding off a really interesting track.

The EP closes with ‘Passarinho Azul’ which opens with the chirping of birds. This partially gives way to the popping electronic tones that are light and reminiscent of raindrops. The bright colour of the electronic tones put a smile on your face while easing something inside your chest. These tones start to roll as the song continues creating these layers of electronic sounds in the melody that perfectly come together and meet the vocals. The balance between electronic tones and organic vocals is wonderful as they yawn and flow into each other. A darker tone rises from the depths of the soundscape as the vocals wash through your senses. There is a really interesting interplay between the different elements of the track that is absolutely beautiful to listen to.

Earth to Abigail fills our ears with electronic tones that roll into the organic vocals as you fall into the rather meditative flows of The Forest. The electronic tones are wonderful as they pluck and burst through the soundscape. Their vocals add a touching organic layer to the sound that dances with the electronic tones for a moving arrangement.

Find out more about Earth to Abigail on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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