Marigold Ingot – Blame Game (2020)

Marigold Ingot uses her debut EP Blame Game to dance you through dramatic moments, contemplations and fun. Each track is based on lived experiences and have you falling into soundscapes influenced by pop, country and blues. While the EP taps into personal experiences, Ingot is able to make each track relatable.

The varied melodies of the EP showcase her background which is just as varied. Having lived, worked and studied in six countries, she draws on each culture and people for an amazing listening experience. Alongside her musical talents, she is a natural performance with a background in classical dance and acting.

The title track ‘Blame Game’ opens the EP with a blast of country guitars. There is a lively feeling to the music that has you moving before Ingot’s vocals come in. Her performance has a rock vibe to it that is covered in a soaring country layer. Her voice draws you into the lyrics which are catchy and have you singing along to the light country twang. Overall, the track has an earthy feeling that is bolstered by the winds of rock stylings.

‘Just Let Go’ takes a different turn with a richer soundscape with mournful string lamenting in the background. Ingot’s vocals are haunting as she flies through your chest with beautifully dramatic power. She is able to send shivers through you starting deep in your chest and bubbling out through your limbs. Through the dramatic soundscape, there is a contemplative vibe as the lyrics look at the darker side of life. The minimal melody enhances the dramatics and emotive power of the vocals for a single that resonates deep in your chest and could easily bring a tear to the eye.

The opening of ‘Fading’ fills you with a sense of melancholy. The dramatics of the last track continues with this song but take a soulful and grounded turn. There is an almost bluesy feeling to the music that makes you think of silken melodies and satin ribbons lightly brushing your skin. The swell of the music with shuffling tones adds a folky feeling to the music as you feel the urge to twirl around to the music. Ingot’s vocals have a poetic flow to as she sends you spiralling into the lyrics.

As Ingot opens ‘Exactly the Same’ you are filled with a theatrical feeling. You could almost imagine this song being part of a musical on the West End. Ingot’s vocals fill you with the emotions of the lyrics while the piano line provides the perfect stripped back backing. This song really puts a smile on your face as you sit back and let it all flow over you. While it does not have the dramatics of other tracks on the EP, there is a power to be felt in the simplicity of the melody and the undeniable power of Ingot’s vocals.

Marigold Ingot uses her debut EP Blame Game to showcase her abilities touching on various genres while filling you with emotion. Each track has different energy with dramatic flows connecting some while others take on a theatrical power. The movement between genres shows what she is capable of while her powerful vocals are emotive and take on the challenges of different genres without any issues.

Find out more about Marigold Ingot on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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