Christian Bernal – Revolution (2021)

Hailing from Chicago, singer-songwriter Christian Bernal has a sound that is “weird as hell” – according to author Michael Allen Rose. I admit I have to agree. With five exceptionally diverse tracks to his name, Bernal shows innovativeness, eclecticism and creativeness. Inspired by Prodigy and Garbage, there is a creepiness and insanity to his sound. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Revolution’.

It is insanely difficult to describe Bernal’s sound, but the nearest I can get is experimental. Combining percussion, saxophone, guitars and who knows what else, ‘Revolution’ is a mish-mash of instrumentation. Giving each instrument prominence, Bernal showcases his ability to blend everything into a united whole. Oddly enough, the misplaced elements result in a distorted harmony.

Amidst the madness, the dynamic saxophone (performed by a musician from Ukraine) adds a bluesy vibe with a sensual slick. Despite being mostly instrumental single, the brash, harsh vocals enhance the concept of revolution within ‘Revolution’. With different tones, timbres and even accents, all interspersed vocals seem to represent a person pushing forward to create something great.

Unlike anything I have heard before, ‘Revolution’ is a compelling and captivating single. Boundary-breaking in every form, Bernal shows he is not to be underestimated or pigeon-holed. What I love most about the song is how it seems overwhelming at first but leaves you grinning.

For more from Christian Bernal check out his official website, Bandcamp and Instagram.

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