Chucky Trading Co – Honey Bee (2021)

With his single ‘Honey Bee’, Chucky Trading Co brings a brilliant conversation between mismatched lovers to life. Using his folk-rock sound, he presents the intuitive and tie-died girl with her logical and buttoned-down lover. Through the music, he fills us with the affection they feel for each other even when they don’t fully understand what the other is thinking.

From the heart of Laurel Canyon, this musical project is a collaboration between CS Taber and Everett Young. The duo brings their influences and styles together for tender and touching songs that offer dynamic emotional flows and sounds. With an amazing timelessness, they inundate you with the stories of their tracks and fill every cell of your body with emotion.

‘Honey Bee’ effortlessly pulls you in through the opening that brings a touch of quirkiness to an Americana classic rock tone. You can feel the warm air on your skin through the music while the drums get your foot tapping to the beat. There is no way you can listen to this melody and not get hopelessly lost in the movement. While you are riding the warm air currents, the vocals create the soft cloud that you rest on as you float to the music.

As you smile to the melody, the vocals slip and slide through the light surf tones of the music and bring a touch of soft rock to the proceedings. The lyrics are a wonderful conversation between the lovers as they acknowledge their differences but bring a smile to the sound as they accept that these differences don’t lessen their love for each other. Through the descriptive flow of the lyrics, you can easily imagine both characters of the single with ease. The light growls that come through the performance at times are delightful as they scratch the back of your brain. The chorus is light and floating filling you with the pure affection felt by the characters of the track.

Chucky Trading Co draws you into a conversation of differences and acceptance while filling your chest with endless affection in ‘Honey Bee’. The music is a warm air current that you float along while the vocals are a soft cloud that you sink into. There is a touch of quirkiness to the track that couples perfectly with the almost surf-rock vibes that make it a pleasure to listen to.

Find out more about Chucky Trading Co on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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