Copperstone – My Old Friend (2022)

Copperstone is tapping into a tale that most of us can relate to with the acoustic folk and alt-country tones of ‘My Old Friend’. Written and dedicated to the loss incurred by their guitarist, the single is a nostalgic journey through the love and loss of a close relationship. Drawing on older alt-country singles, this emotional track touches on nostalgia as the relatively simple melody sweeps listeners into the journey of the lyrics.

While Chris Buchanan (vocals, guitar, bass, beys) and Brian Taylor (lead guitar, backup vocals) are the duo behind Copperstone, this track was recorded entirely by Buchanan. The duo have been creating music together since college and have been through a number of bands. With this musical project being the latest for their original songs, each one packs an emotional punch.

‘My Old Friend’ sweeps through your soul from the first acoustic guitar note. There is an airy feeling to the guitar-driven melody that picks up your spirit and has it floating on the easy air currents of the track. The main guitar line has you floating like a leaf on the wind while the second guitar delicately joins before leaving again. It is an undeniably relaxing melody that plucks at your emotions with a mastery that is stunning to listen to. Each guitar note evokes an almost bittersweet warmth as you accept the pain of loss and the memories of happiness. There is a touch of something close to rock that comes through at one point before the piano line catches you in its movement that you drift toward a brighter future. Through the melody, there is a sense of momentary pain that leads to a warmth of happy memories and the understanding that you can move on from the pain.

As you tap into the cathartic movement of the melody, Buchanan’s vocals cradle your heart and soothe the pain of loss. The lyrics take you back in time to the first moment you met someone who means a lot to you and all the happy memories you have with them. This turns into a tale of loss as they pass before you only for you to warmly bid them farewell with the understanding that they will always be with you in some way. Paired with the melody, the vocals bring a warmth to a sense of loss and the feeling that things will be okay in the future.

Copperstone offers a cathartic journey through love, loss and moving on through the tender folk tones of ‘My Old Friend’. Inspired by the loss felt by guitarist Taylor, the single is a wonderful reflection on happy memories and a brighter future. The floating feeling to the melody brings a brightness to the vocals that soothe the pain of loss in your heart.

Find out more about Copperstone on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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