Darcy – Black Hole (2021)

With her parents performing in the award-winning country band Aged In The Hills, it makes sense that Darcy would find a passion for music at a young age. She began singing when she was a four-year-old and was nominated for the Northeast Country Music Association’s ‘Sunrise Artist of the Year’ at age nine. When Darcy began writing original material, she turned to her family for support (including recording her debut album with her parents at her uncle’s Nashville studio). Preceding her upcoming album Faithful, Darcy releases her debut single ‘Black Hole’.

Recorded at her uncle’s studio in Nashville, ‘Black Hole’ is a real family-themed track with assistance from her father, mother and uncle; however, beyond that Darcy is pretty much an individual in her recording, writing and production. Penned by the talented singer-songwriter, ‘Black Hole’ touches on issues of toxic relationships, anxiety, fear and isolation. While the melody is soothing and flowing with Darcy on the keyboard and Spencer Paluch on drums, it is the vocals and arrangement that enhance the poignancy of the track.

“‘Black Hole’ is a look into the mind of someone who is in an abusive relationship. I wanted to try to explain the mental gymnastics your mind goes through after someone gaslights you into staying a relationship you know isn’t good for you… I wrote this while I was in the middle of it and this was the best I could do to verbalise what twists and turns my brain was doing.” – Darcy on ‘Black Hole’

Despite the harmonic instrumentation and smoothness of the complementary instrumentation with Darcy’s voice, ‘Black Hole’ proffers a strong melancholic vibe. Influenced by Demi Lovato, the piano-driven single is moving and evocative; however, the haunting vocals add a sophisticated sentimentality that is easy to embrace. Robust in its simplicity, ‘Black Hole’ oozes raw honesty, desperation and intimacy.

For more from Darcy check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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