Frankie Bird – Younger Dreams (2022)

Known for her engaging performances, singer-songwriter Frankie Bird is a well-known name on the UK live music scene. She embraced her passion for music at age 16, but it was only recently that she moved from the stage to the studio. Receiving coverage from She Makes Music and various playlists/radio stations, such as iHeart Radio, Bird is building a following across the UK but let’s see if we can take her sound to an international audience. Come with us as we delve into Frankie Bird’s debut single ‘Younger Dreams’.

Recorded in early 2022, ‘Younger Dreams’ is a combination of folk with pop-rock and indie-rock sentiments. I would like to compare her to an artist, but the closest I can get is Sheryl Crow…perhaps. Toe-tapping with an upbeat pace, ‘Younger Dreams’ turns your head with its full-bodied, textured sound. The interesting thing is that while she uses a traditional electric guitar approach, the track adopts a simplistic, almost acoustic-inspired style.

Using merely a guitar, steady drums and her charming vocals, I can easily see (or rather hear) why Bird is a firm favourite on the London open mic circuit. Refreshing and elegant, her dulcet tones meld seamlessly with the minimalist backing. Oddly enough, while there is a simplistic element to the track it is kaleidoscopic.

Brutally honest, Bird’s personal narrative connects deeply with listeners proving she is far more than a pretty face playing a snappy tune. A sense of melancholia exists as Bird explores reality and human fragility in ‘Younger Dreams’. Bird explains that ‘Younger Dreams’ is “about how things don’t always work out in the way you had planned it.” Yet, while there is a sadness about the lyrical content, the melody of ‘Younger Dreams’ will make you feel a lot better about any situation.

At only 22 years of age, UK-based Frankie Bird shows authenticity, tenderness and maturity beyond her years in her music. ‘Younger Dreams’ is proof that this songstress has the elegance and sophistication to go far.  

For more from Frankie Bird check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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