David, The Giant – How Long (Is Too Long?) (2020)

There is something wistful about the end of summer where you think back on missed opportunities and look forward into the future. This contemplative yet light mood has been perfectly captured by David, The Giant in his new single ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’. Using a jangling and dreamy melody, his lyrics touch of all those emotions that come to light as the warm summer days fade into something cooler.

Bringing back some 60s LoFi sounds, David Behan uses his skills honed from years writing music for his bands and other artists to captivate you. There is something idealist about the single while providing the right edge of nostalgia and wistfulness. The dreams of things that could have been are woven into each note.

Behan’s hazy vocals lying over a light guitar jangle draw you into ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’ from the first second. His vocals have this easy feeling to them that takes you back to the beach tones of year past. Through his performance, you can feel the warm rays of the last summer days while the summer vibes slip through your fingers. His vocals have this wonderful lightness to them with a little bit of echo to give them this atmospheric feeling that lets them float over you.

While his vocals are the star of the show, the equally light melody below them is simply enchanting. You can’t help but smile as you listen to the single as the chiming guitars get you swaying to the rhythm. There is a sweetness to the melody that melds with the brightness of the vocals. It is a wonderfully constructed single that is able to condense everything about the end of summer into an engaging three minutes.

David, The Giant gets you feeling reflective, nostalgic and light with end of summer tones in ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’. The track is wonderfully executed combining fluttering guitars with airy vocals and lyrics that flow over you.

Find out more about David, The Giant on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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