Twin Stranger – White (2020)

Using a range of influences from 70s power-pop to 90s Avant-pop, Twin Stranger takes you through a night out where everything goes wrong. Their new single ‘White’ is all about those nights where things escalate after people get intoxicated and someone says the wrong thing. Using melodic instruments including wonky guitars and synths, the band drives the feeling of these nights home.

Led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alex McConnnachie, the band mixes sounds for an intense sonic experience. The rest of the band consists of Liam McConnachie (multi-instrumentalist), Josh Newington (bass), Joe Tobin (keyboards) and Eric Karvik (drums). Together, they have moved from a purely bedroom project to a full live band.

You are thrown into the tale of ‘White’ from the first second as McConnachie’s vocals hit. His voice has this engaging quality to it that makes this a wonderful opening. He sets the scene of the track and drags you into the lyrics. There is almost something bardic about his performance as he sets a scene without having to lay it out in detail. His vocals are also full of this youthful energy that you can’t help but enjoy.

While the vocals enthral you, the melody drives you forward. There is a fair amount of synths lurking in the melody covered by this beat that you can’t get enough of. The wonky guitars add this off-beat flavour to the track making it wonderfully unique while the rhythm section has this drive that pulses through you. Together with the vocals, it sets a fairly easy pace that you can easily get caught in, but does not slow down enough for you to drop out.

Twin Stranger combines youthful energy, wonky guitars and power-pop drives to get you hooked to ‘White’. The single uses amazing lyricism with easy melodies to draw you in and get you addicted. This is a very engaging single that you may just want to have on repeat.

Find out more about Twin Stranger on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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