divine&acajou – Viens (2021)

With her debut single ‘Viens’, divine&acajou is really showcasing everything that she has to offer. Alternating between chamber and indie-pop with some slam bolstering crystal vocals, she dives into a swirl of emotion. Through the single, she highlights the importance of being true to yourself and not settling for less than you initially intended.

A strong performance, it is an amazing introduction to her music. A classically trained violinist and professional choral singer, she draws on these skills while swinging lyrics from French to English. Her unique sound has seen her featured on Etat Limite’s album L’Amour n’existera plus. With her evolving original style that brings the best elements of genres together, it is interesting to see where she will go from here.

‘Viens’ grabs your attention with the slam notes that have your feet tapping to them without any conscious thought. There is a really moving movement to the melody that gets all your muscles coiling to bounce and bop to them. While the beats have you moving to their rhythm, a light tone warbles into the higher levels leading to a shimmy of glittering tones. It is a very rich melody that is packed with diverse tones that come together for a steamy tone. There is something about the beats that build a sense of empowerment in your chest with the bright energy just waiting to be unleashed. The twirling movement that comes in later adds a new dynamic to the soundscape while taking the driving tones to a new level.

Her vocals enter like a statement against the beats of the melody. The lyrics are primarily in French, but you don’t need to know the language to get the empowerment and self-acceptance woven into each word. At times, there is a layering of the vocals that adds depth to their emotive movement. The chorus is in English and makes the firm statement that people should take you as you are. On the chorus, her vocals rise on an airy choral wave that turns into a sigh against your senses. Later in the track, there is an extra punch to her performance that pulse the message of the track home.

Through ‘Viens’, divine&acajou fills you with red-hot empowerment and the strength to be true yourself through a hot blend of tones and bi-lingual lyrics. The music has your feet tapping to the rhythm while covering you in the steamy heat of the movement. While the majority of the vocals are in French, the message and power woven into them transcend language barriers.

Find out more about divine&acajou on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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