Elvis Batchild – Batchild Begins (2021)

If you are in the mood for a catchy collection of groovy guitars, soaring vocals and reflective lyrics, Elvis Batchild is here to meet your needs. With their debut EP Batchild Begins, the band draws on their love for 70s rock and reflects on the strange times we have all lived through. With some high energy dancing beats and heavy guitar riffs, the band stirs a melting pot of influences and reflections into four engaging tracks.

Nick Cleveland (guitar), Brad Cleveland (guitar), Rein Laik (vocals, keys, guitar), Will Westbrook (drums) and Kit Wesselhoeft (bass) came together on Craigslist through their mutual love of 70s rock. As they embarked on a year of shows in 2019, they moved on from their initial rock tone and drove to their distinct musical sound. With a touch of retro rock, they bring a modern breath to their music.

The EP starts with ‘Can’t Go Out (Can’t Stay Home)’ which is a sentiment that a lot of people can relate to due to the pandemic. The melody taps to life before you are effortlessly pulled into the groovy movement. The guitars make your shoulders want to move while Laik’s vocals slide like satin against your ears. There is a delightful build-up in the melody that leads to the chorus which calls out to your soul. There is so much to relate to in the lyrics while the overall movement of the music grabs hold of you. All you can do is move to the melody and get lost in the sound of the band.

‘Bad Dream’ brings a different vibe to your ears from the first moment. There is a smoky spiciness to the song that is utterly delightful to hear. The vocals move from a slight confrontation to soothing growls of rock awesomeness. The vocals really shine on this song as they growl through your senses and send you soaring. The lyrics are wonderfully descriptive as you are filled with their energy through vocals and the movement of the melody.

You get another vibe with ‘Uninvited’ which hits you with an almost rock-blues feeling. The melody grabs you and pulls you into the soundscape that is packed with addictive guitar riffs and energetic drums. The guitars call to you before the vocals slide over them. There is this perfect interplay between the instruments and the vocals that make you want to blast the song at top volume. If you are not enjoying this single and getting completely lost in the movements, I’m not sure you are listening to the same song.

The EP ends with ‘Oswego’ which opens with a much softer vibe than the rest of the EP. There is a floating feeling to the song at the start that makes you think of relaxing on a sleepy river. The change in this song really highlights the versatility of the band while showcasing Laik’s vocals. He wraps each word in emotion that pulls at your heart before the guitar mournfully sighs through the background. There is a twang to the guitar that bolsters the melancholy of the soundscape as it slides into the piano lines.

Elvis Batchild get you hooked to their sound through the bluesy, groovy flows of Batchild Begins. Each track has a different vibe while highlighting everything the band has to offer. With growling whiskey warm vocals, groovy guitar riffs and blues tones, they capture and release all the emotions we have gone through in the last year.

Find out more about Elvis Batchild on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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