Lemon ft Cath Coffey – Shiiine On (2021)

Lemon is bringing some psychedelic meditation to your ears with their single ‘Shiiine On’. Featuring guest singer Cath Coffey, the track has some spacey vibes that have you rocketing into the stratosphere. If you are in the mood for a single that captures your spirit and lifts it up while you have a blast, this just might be what you are looking for.

Bringing the music that holds Coffey’s vocals up are Mark Bongers (bass, vocals), Paul Hesen (drums, vocals), Ralf Hesen (guitars, vocals) and Thomas Gense (guitar, keyboard, percussion, vocals). With a funky alternative rock sound, the band brings together the engaging elements of music for a unique and infectious sound. When combined with Coffey’s powerful vocals, they will leave you wondering why they aren’t already on your favourite playlist.

The funky bass of ‘Shiiine On’ thrums through your chest from the first second of the single. The instrumentation builds upon this thrumming tone with a shimmy and shake which is utterly infectious. You can’t help but at least move your shoulders to the melody. The piano line brings a touch of lightness to the music while the overall flow is really meditative. You can easily close your eyes and allow the music to pull you into the ether. While the music pulls you through a psychedelic meditation, the guitar late in the track is all warbling flares of light and enlightenment.

While Coffey’s vocals enhance the meditative feeling of the single, it is the delivery and arrangement of the vocal performance that really stands out. There is a delightful layering to the vocals that bolsters the floating feeling of the music. The relaxed delivery has you breathing deeply and makes it so easy to simply ride the movements of the music. While it might not seem like there is much in the way of lyrics, the messaging woven into them is wonderful. There is a really uplifting feeling while offering a connection and feeling of peace.

Lemon leads you into some uplifting and connecting meditation through the slightly psychedelic tones of ‘Shiiine On’. The single brings a light haziness to your senses that helps them fly out into the stratosphere with the peaceful vocals. The layering of the single is amazing and you will sink into the interwoven instrumentation and vocals with ease.

Find out more about Lemon on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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