Naëve – L.A.M.E. (2020)

Are you in the mood for a fusion of old school RnB styles with a modern twist? Even if you aren’t, ‘L.A.M.E.’ by Naëve is a single that you should listen to. Melding all the elements that you love about RnB and throwing in something uniquely modern, the single continues Naëve’s search for happiness and the questioning of society.

Her love for music started in the womb when the only thing stopping her from kicking was her father playing the harmonica. She started taking singing lessons at 16 and studied Opera before getting a degree in modern music. Having experimented with different genres as part of various bands, she realised she needed to embark on her own musical journey and find her sound.

‘L.A.M.E.’ hits you with some upbeat energy from the very first note. The bass has this thread that just hooks you while the slapping beats get your body moving to it. There is a lot of funk mixed with some rock and RnB thrown in for good measure. The infectious melody has a great flow that rises and falls along with the vocals. The burst of energy from the opening gives way to something softer for the verses before you are pushed back into that funky energy.

Over the melody is Naëve’s vocals which carry the same fusion vibes. Her vocals have a soulful RnB tone to them, but the pace of her delivery is all funk. Her performance rises and falls with the melody allowing the waves of the sound to crash over you. There is a catchy vibe to her performance that makes you want to sing along, particularly on the chorus. The backing vocals also add depth to the song while enhancing the funky vibes.

Naëve hits you with a fusion of old-school RnB styling with some slapping funky beats on ‘L.A.M.E.’. The single is packed with energy that grabs you from the first moment and holds on until the last second. The vocals and melody work with each other to carry you through the rise and fall of the sound.

Find out more about Naëve on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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