Elison – Little Lies (2022)

With their single ‘Hopes & Horoscopes’, Elison picked up all the bad habits and vices we face and the struggle to overcome them. They are now turning to the softer emotion of love in ‘Little Lies’, only to chain it with the burden of unspoken truths. Layering synths and vocals, the duo craft a cinematic dream pop world that is enhanced by live instrumentation.

Originally written by vocalist Kephart during a School of Song class, the single was taken to new heights when presented to bandmate Yoshimura. This track continues the dreaminess of their last release while adding a dash of heartbreaking emotion. Powerful for all its softness, this single shows that the duo are masters at tugging at your heartstrings.

‘Little Lies’ opens with the undulations of a pastel cloud that has you floating in the dreamy soundscape. The synths are airy and hazy as they drape over the live instrumentation in the lower levels of the melody. The drums offer an organic undertone that gently nudges you forward as you float on the slow-moving cloud of the melody. The overwhelming softness of the melody has you relaxing back into the sound and breathing deeply, while your muscles relax. The organic instrumentation does build like a crash of ocean waves against rocks, which sends you higher into the air. Later in the track, there is a deeper electronic pulse that brings the darkness of lies and secrets to the happy and relaxing emotions of the melody.

Weaving between the airy tones of the melody are the vocals that bring a dreaminess to the single. Kephart’s vocals have a breathy edge to them like a sigh of contentment and utter happiness. The good vibes and warm affection of her delivery are both captured and contrasted by the lyrics. The lyrics tell the tale of love and affection with a darkness resting below the happiness, where secrets and everything unspoken waits. As the melody gains the deep electronic pulse, the vocals shine a light on the burden this darkness creates.

Elison capture you in the soft pastel clouds of their melody, bolstered by the dreamy vocals of ‘Little Lies’, only to burden the gentle affection with the darkness of unspoken truths. The layered synths of the melody create a cotton soft landscape that is pushed forward by the organic instrumentation. The vocals add to the dreamy atmosphere, while the lyrics consider the strain secrets and lies can have on love.

Find out more about Elison on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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