Ellis Newman – Leaving the Party (2022)

With her single ‘Love to Cry’, Ellis Newman reminded us that being emotional is natural and you sometimes need to embrace the liberation of tears. She continues her look at human emotions through her single ‘Leaving the Party’. Co-written with Dutch artist, Yentl Pool, the single considers the overwhelming feeling Newman experiences when at a party.

The lyrics highlight her introverted nature and how she would rather be having conversations instead of having a drink and having drunk truths poured on her. While an anti-party anthem that all introverts can relate to, there are sections of the single that really get you bopping along. If you ever wanted to hear the opposite of those ‘put your hands up’ songs and something made for those who would rather be at home, you are in the right place.

‘Leaving the Party’ opens with the noise of a crowd, but this is subdued, like hearing it through a door. The electronic tones of the melody slowly build with a gentle touch as the vocals enter. The beats start to rise against the light electronic notes and really get your head bopping to their movement. This all comes to a head on the chorus with some serious dance vibes to the beat that has you wanting to jump around. It is an interesting contrast between this beat that makes you want to party and the message of the vocals. Hovering over the dancing beat are those delicate electronic tones, creating another layer of contrasts that enhances the overall feeling of the track. The clapping tones that come later in the track make you want to clap with them, before the melody bursts with infectious dance vibes.

Newman’s vocals are soft as she enters with her thoughts of the party she is at. Her vocals are packed with the discomfort she feels at the party and the urge to get out of the situation. As she pulls you into her emotions, her voice starts to rise on the back of the melody and hits a punchy delivery on the chorus. It is a really catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along as you let people know that you want to leave the party. The lyrics are so wonderfully at odds with the overall dancing party vibe of the music.

Ellis Newman has you bopping to her dance beats while trying to get out of a social situation in the infectious anti-party single ‘Leaving the Party’. The pulsing dance beats fill you with a party energy that wonderfully contrasts the vocals and higher melodic tones. Her performance has you shifting with her discomfort, while urging your muscles to bop to the beats.

Find out more about Ellis Newman on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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