Jasper Schalks – Stand This Storm (2021)

With the intimacy of Carole King and the intensity of James Taylor, Jasper Schalks brings old-school folk to the 21st century. It makes sense that this Dutch singer-songwriter leans toward folk music as the first album he purchased was a Greatest Hits album by Bob Dylan. Filled with genuineness, introspection and reflective insight, Schalks’s music takes listeners on an honest journey of poignant storytelling.

Featured on Indie Vibes, Neon Music and several online radio stations/playlists, Schalks is reaching audiences on an international level. Today we are looking at his charming single ‘Stand This Storm’.

The first single since 2018, ‘Stand This Storm’ is a classic acoustic-influenced folk song. While there is a strong folk style woven into Schalks’ sound, the new material showcases his evolution as an artist. More sophisticated than the upbeat singles ‘These Things Shall Pass’ and ‘Delicate’, ‘Stand This Storm’ has a rich melodic foundation with profound lyrical depth. An acoustic-influenced single, the track has a subtle sentimentality with the simplistic guitar-vocals combination. Yet, it is not the charming melody that captures your heart but rather Schalks’ bold vocals.

Harmonically blending with basic guitars and soft drums, Schalks’ uses his dulcet tones to guide you through a storm. The execution of his lyrics is not necessarily a personal narrative, but rather a conversation with the listener. Moreover, the fact that he exposes his vulnerability through lyricism showcases his skill to share fragility without making it too painful. It is as if you are drawn into a two-person bubble sharing experiences, emotions and opinions.

Exposing the delicate essence of a human soul, ‘Stand This Storm’ is a representation of fear and naivety. While this innocence is underlying the mature harmonies, Schalks sets a lingering optimism in that we will stand the storm together. We might not make it through this distressing time, but there is a spark between listener and singer that gives you an empowering hopefulness. Overall, I love the song and can’t wait for his debut album (set for release later in the year).

For more from Jasper Schalks check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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