Ferrier – As It Goes (2021)

There are a lot of breakup songs out there but few bring the feeling of being on top of the world while also wallowing in melancholy. This is exactly what Ferrier does with his single ‘As It Goes’ which takes you through a monologue of everything that you did wrong in a relationship. This is immediately contrasted by feeling hurt by what you view as the wrongs against you.

Through the single, he confronts ego and mistakes while not feeling very comfortable with regretting the decisions you have made. A very modern take, the single highlights the attitude of a generation while covering you in Ferrier’s authentic sound. His DIY attitude to making music provides a personal touch to his sound while showcasing the perfection of imperfection.

‘As It Goes’ gently comes to life with a tender movement of light notes. The deep beat that vibrates through your soul beings a splash of pop to the tenderness. This turns into a deeper dance feeling that is wrapped around alt-pop sensibilities. As the single progresses, the melody gets a heavier dance feeling that fills your body with the urge to move. This dance feeling is great as it brings the euphoria of the single that is tempered by the deeper beats and the vocals.

The contrasts of the single are brought into stark relief when the vocals hit. Ferrier’s vocals are smooth as he pulls you into the thoughts running through someone’s head. Each sentence is a new thought in the monologue of the track. This lyrical structure is amazing as it really brings the emotions and messaging of the track home. There is a torn feeling in the vocals as you edge toward your bad behaviour only to retreat into feelings of hurt and being the victim. It is an outstanding tempering of emotions. As the music gets a dance edge, his vocals pick up and push the lyrics even harder.

Ferrier contrasts regrets, victimhood, euphoria and hurt through the fusion sounds of ‘As it Goes’. The melody pulls you in with a tender tone only to slide into a dancing movement that gets you bouncing to its rhythm. The vocals bring the contrast of the track into full view with an interesting lyrical structure.

Find out more about Ferrier on his Instagram and Spotify.

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