Panem – Something I Don’t Know (2020)

Originally a music project in the mid of guitarist Yacine Aït Amer, Panem became a fully-fledged group when bassist Emeline Fougeray, drummer Mogan Cornebert and vocalist Marie Moreau joined the crew. This wasn’t an all at once coming together but evolved from jamming sessions and music school courses. Ultimately, it all came together in France-based foursome with a unique alternative rock meets indie-rock sound.

Influenced by artists like Sting, Porcupine Tree, Iron Maiden, Yes and Tori Amos, Panem has a diverse style that is gaining recognition on an international scale. Featured in Punktum, Mogg Blog, Indie Music Center, Niche Music and Somos Grandes, Panem has been described as “powerful” with “majestic sounds and well-layered vocals.” The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Something I Don’t Know’.

The fourth single to be released from this group, ‘Something I Don’t Know’ is a pensive track placing insightful lyricism over an eclectic melody. Touching on the themes of missed opportunities and overwhelming circumstances, Panem exposes fear, anxiety and frustration associated with these situations. Using a personal narrative with a questioning tone, ‘Something I Don’t Know’ explores complex emotions with a delicate sincerity and genuineness.

Showcasing their innovativeness and versatility as artists, the track fuses alternative rock with 70s blues. Beginning with an alt-rock melody reminiscent of Three Days Grace with Hayley Williams vocals, the single quietly chances direction with a heavy blues influence. Lying somewhere between The Commitments and The Blues Brothers with an Eric Clapton-esque lead guitar, Panem find their fragile, honest and sentimental niche in ‘Something I Don’t Know’.

For more from Panem check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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