Fleeting Persuasion – Eternal (2021)

Fleeting Persuasion is bringing a hint of darkness to listeners with their single ‘Eternal’. A single build from layers of sound, it fuses dark wave sensibilities to a foundation of soft rock and indie-pop. A wonderful blend of tones, melodic elements and styles, the single highlights what this project is about while showcasing its versatility.

With backing vocals provided by Danielle Loughnan, the single capture the fuller and richer sound of this musical project. This sound comes from the brain of James Spencer Harrison and offers a different take on his creativity compared to his solo work as J M S Harrison. While also a solo project, Harrison is joined by a band to bring the thicker sounds of this musical undertaking to life.

‘Eternal’ draws you into the soundscape with a gentle guitar line that calls to you from the dark. The drums layer under this line to get your head bopping to the rhythm while a rather mournful line hums in the background. The layering of the melody has been handled wonderfully as it creates a thick layer of sound that twines its way through your senses. There is a twilight feeling to the melody that has you wanting to whisper to avoid breaking the spell it has cast. The dark wave touch of the music fuses with the indie rock and pop tones for an irresistible movement.

Resting over this twilight movement are the vocals that enhance the subdued feeling of the music. Harrison’s vocals have an intimate edge to them as they wrap around your shoulders and sink into your skin. His performance is emotive as it reaches out into the dark spaces of the world and plucks at your emotions. The backing vocals provided by Loughnan bring a haunting vibe to the song that tickles the back of your brain and rests just out of sight. With Harrison’s vocals, they create a deep vocal movement that really captures your senses.

Fleeting Persuasion pulls you into the subdued movement of ‘Eternal’ while the haunting vocals sink into your skin. The melody has a wonderful twilight feeling that reaches out into the night before the vocals bring an intimacy to the sound. Harrison and Loughnan combine their vocals for a touching arrangement that is wonderful to hear.

Find out more about Fleeting Persuasion on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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