SPIRITBOX – A Strange Loss (2020)

Hailing from the Dutch city of Breda, SPIRITBOX combines elements of post-punk, indie-rock and dark wave creating a unique and haunting type of gloomy rock. After releasing several singles since 2018, Hans Meertens (vocals, acoustic guitar and keys), Nick van Eekelen (guitar), Ruben Schimmel (guitar), Jasper Janssens (bass) and Tomas Dekkers (drums) have received critical acclaim on a national and international scale. Described by UK publication It’s All Indie, this quintet is “powerful, evocative and haunting”. The latest addition to their repertoire is the single ‘A Strange Loss’.

On October 2nd, SPIRITBOX dropped their latest single ‘A Strange Loss’ featuring Dutch singer-songwriter Kiki Mettler. A follow-up to the well-received ‘Squid Machine’, ‘A Strange Loss’ embraces the synth-driven sound of post-punk artists but adds a little something extra with the incorporation of female vocals.

Reminiscent of the iconic post-punk group The Cure, SPIRITBOX cultivates a rather sombre and pensive sound. The intriguing aspect of ‘A Strange Loss’ is the nocturnal duet between Kiki Mettler and Hans Meertens creating a rather eerie but sentimental narrative. Lyrically, ‘A Strange Loss’ may be superb; however, it is the flowing instrumentation that creates the soothing and swirling ambience while maintaining a sense of fantastical eerieness. If this is what the Dutch group have to offer, I can hardly wait for their upcoming debut EP Milk.

For more from SPIRITBOX check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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