Giant Head Collective ft Scott Mulhearn – Lost Highway (2021)

Are you in the mood for a song that cuts through all the noise for a mixture of rock and country that speaks directly to your soul? Well, you are in the right place because that is exactly what Giant Head Collective offer with ‘Lost Highway’. The second single from their upcoming album Pandora’s Box, it is the first of a few collaborations with vocalist Scott Mulhearn.

With a Southern Rock vibe, the single has you sitting in anticipation for the rest of the album. From the collective brains of Mark Breingan (guitar, bass), Grant Barbour (vocals) and Ryan Lucas (vocals), the track takes their sound in a wonderful direction. Since the collective came about, they have moved from jamming to remote pandemic collaborations with artists from across the world.

‘Lost Highway’ grabs your attention with the feeling of the open road as it winds toward the horizon. There is a delightful country-rock feeling to the music that is amazing to listen to. The toe-tapping melody transports you into the car as it flies down the down and the wind whips through your air. While you embrace the open road of the music, there is a slightly melancholic feeling to the music. This feeling makes the vocals more poignant and bring a delightfully country-rock feeling to the track. When the guitars call out across open expanses later in the track, it is really touching and elevates the emotions of the track.

Scott Hulhearn’s vocals are the perfect addition to this track as he brings a light growl to the open road. His performance is also stunning in its emotive power as he tries to find something that he has lost. The searching for something to complete you is tempered with what you have to leave behind to start the search. It is a delicate balance that has been perfectly achieved by the band and Mulhearn through the sweeping arrangement of the track. It is impossible for you to listen to this song and not get caught up in the emotions that are infused into each note.

Giant Head Collective and Scott Mulhearn draw you onto the open road with a tinge of melancholy woven into the extremely engaging country-rock tones of ‘Lost Highway’. The music sweeps through you and draws you out onto the open road. Mulhearn’s vocals have alight growl as they bring poignant emotions to the track.

Find out more about Giant Head Collective on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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