Graffiti Welfare – Just Follow (2022)

People often find it hard to just let go and go with the flow, but sometimes this is exactly what you need to do. The message of going with the flow has been picked up by Graffiti Welfare and woven into their single ‘Just Follow’. Through the dreamy, psychedelic and retro tones of the track, they invite you to follow the stream of sound and trust in nature.

Stretching time and unravelling the tension that keeps us from letting go, the single brings 60s hooks to a modern synth vibe. This single is also the second off Graffiti Welfare’s upcoming album and offers a taste of what to expect. If the single itself doesn’t have you letting go and floating on the river of sound, the official music video just might.

‘Just Follow’ slowly builds up the opening with an overlapping trickle of water and warping synth tones. From this first moment, you are invited to follow the flow of nature with that trickle of sound, only for the music to blossom and obscure this natural tone. As the synths start to take over, they are joined by the soaring call of an electric guitar. The guitar line brings a touch of retro rock to the single, while the synths stretch your perspective of time. The blossoming of the tones pens something in your chest that helps you let go and give in to the movement of the music. There is a moment where the melody drops, before you are picked up again in the floating current. It is a wonderful melody that easily has you cutting the ties that bind you to the present, allowing you to float where the whims of nature will take you.

While the melody has you going with the flow, the vocals are a deep hook that calls to you from a distance. The movement of the vocals is interesting as it seems to come from both a distance and right next to you. The simple lyrics open your eyes to the freedom that comes from letting go and following the stream. They also bring a touch of psychedelia to the track as they light you up in a rush of almost euphoria.

Graffiti Welfare has you letting go of your worries and the present to float on the easy stream of sound in the relaxing ‘Just Follow’. The music is what really makes the single as it softens the binds that tie us to the present and allows us to float in the stream of sound. The vocals highlight the freedom that comes with letting go, enhancing the sensations introduced by the music.

Find out more about Graffiti Welfare on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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