Sonomancer ft Martha Goddard – Digital Graves (2022)

Social media has created a hyper-connected world, but this doesn’t always translate into the human connections we imagine. Drawing on a personal experience, Sonomancer considers loss, grief and the digitally connected world we live in through the eclectic sound of ‘Digital Graves’. While Sonomancer brings his unique genre-defying sound to the track, he is joined by Martha Goddard who lyrically communicates the emotions.

Dynamic and thought-provoking, the single combines Sonomancer and Goddard’s musicality for a song that leaves you wanting more. With a clear voice, they have us considering how we really use social media and what we lose through the digital world. An amazing culmination of his music to date, Sonomancer takes things to the next level through this track.

‘Digital Graves’ hits you with the electronic pop tones from the first note. The beats have an addictive bop to them while the higher wavering electronic tones soften their hold on your body. The melody has an interesting feeling that is part twilight and part the light of your screen shining on you at night. This interesting feeling gives way to a quirky movement that keeps you on your toes. You never quite know what the melody is going to do as new elements continue to enter the soundscape. It is a dynamic movement that keeps you moving forward, while pulsing with lights and the digital firing of synapses. You can hear the influence of different styles and genres throughout the single, but they are all glimpses that coalesce into a solid whole.

Goddard’s vocals enter the single at the same time as the initial melodic run. There is a melancholic edge to her performance in the first verse as she tries to come to grips with loss. The lyrics are an interesting take on how people remain in our digital lives even after they have passed. There is also a consideration of how we are meant to use social media to stay connected with people, but how this is often lost in our actual use of this media. Her voice is a smooth melodic line that rides the waves of the quirky movements of the melody. While stable in comparison, there are some twists and turns to her delivery that enhance the reflection of the lyrics.

Sonomancer and Martha Goddard join forces to consider the way we grieve in the digital age through the quirky tones of ‘Digital Graves’. The melody is dynamic and keeps you guessing as new sonic elements are introduced. Goddard’s vocals are smooth as she brings feelings of grief and a contemplation to the single.

Find out more about Sonomancer on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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