Hanwell – Avalanche (2022)

While it is good to think things through, the spiral of overthinking is one that you can easily fall into. Hanwell considers the overwhelming feelings that overthinking brings adding a splash of numbing from indecision in ‘Avalanche’. Comparing the unstoppable force of these emotions to an avalanche, the single perfectly conveys emotions that many are very familiar with.

To bring these emotions to the soundscape, Hanwell infuses indie-pop and lo-fi tones with a lazy beat and hazy guitars. With a sophistication and maturity to his sound, Hanwell appears to have found his place with the music and being able to release his thoughts to the world. This single follows a successful 2021 that saw him moving from lockdown shows to The Victoria Stage at Sonic Wave Festival.

‘Avalanche’ uses lo-fi tones to open the melody before leading you into the hazy guitar lines. There is a really great laid-back vibe to the music that lets you sink into the music. As you relax into the plush sound of the music, the lazy beat slowly has you gently bopping to the movement. It is a gentle melody that lulls you into the soundscape with a delicate movement. The slight feeling of distance that is created helps the vocals really shine as they bring the emotions of the track to the life. This distance also creates the disconnect of numbness that comes when you are feeling overwhelmed.

While the music has you sinking into its soft tones, Hanwell’s vocals slide out from the depths. His performance is as light as the music as he floats in the top layers of the soundscape. While his performance enhances the softness of the single, the lyrics tell the story of feeling overwhelmed. Through the verses, he draws you into the emotions of the track while the chorus rolls with the avalanche of thoughts and feelings that come with overthinking. The interplay of emotions has been wonderfully handled as he tempers the feeling of being overwhelmed with the detachment of numbness. All of this has been wrapped into a catchy lo-fi vibe that you can easily listen to at any time.

Hanwell brings the overwhelming feeling of overthinking to a numbness created by the resulting indecision in the catchy lo-fi tones of ‘Avalanche’. The music lulls you into a soft space with a splash of detachment. Hanwell’s vocals bring the emotions of the track with a delicate touch that rises into the catchy chorus.

Find out more about Hanwell on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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