Jackson Pendegraf – Feelings for You (Song for Diana) (2022)

If you are looking for a single that is sure to overwhelm your senses with a heavy and driving dance beat, you are in the right place. This is exactly what Jackson Pendegraf does with his single ‘Feeling for You (Song for Diana)’. Not only do the synths and beats sweep through your senses, but the lyrics vibrate through the soundscape and bounce off the instrumentation to keep you on your toes.

Bringing some light electronic pop sensibilities to the intensity of house and EDM, Pendegraf forces you to move to his unrelenting sound. The single perfectly portrays the passion Pendegraf has for dance music, synths and futuristic electronica. While packed with passion, this single is also a tribute to his wife, Diana.

‘Feelings for You (Song for Diana)’ hits you with heavy beats from the first note that shake you up with the vibrations. Resting on these deep beats is a wash of synths that creates a softer top layer to the music. This softer layer is like a cloud of pastel colours that floats about you as you move to the rhythm of the deep beats. The vibrations of the beats lighten at one point for a moving dance feeling. This dance feeling is driven by lighter synth tones and the vocals, but from the back of the soundscape, the beats make a comeback. There is not a moment in the track where you are not being pumped with dancing energy. The melody is packed with sweeping electronic tones and beats that make you want to move to the music without a care in the world.

As the electronic tones inundate your senses and you feel the urge to dance around, the vocals come and go. They have an electronic tinge that allows them to vibrate with the melody. The lyrics bring bright feelings to the soundscape as they inject a sense of love and affection for someone. There is an off-kilter feeling to the vocals as they come and go throughout the single. You never quite know when they are going to pop out of the soundscape or vibrate away into the synths.

Jackson Pendegraf inundates your senses with a need to dance to his music through the electronic tones of ‘Feelings for You (Song for Diana)’. The music sweeps through you from the first moment, with a deep beat and pastel-coloured clouds. The vocals have an electronic tinge as they bring affection to the soundscape.

Find out more about Jackson Pendegraf on his Instagram and Spotify.

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