James Bakian – Don’t You Like That (2020)

James Bakian captivated us with the maturity and depth of his single ‘Asleep’. He is continuing this with his latest release ‘Don’t You Like That’. This song takes a turn to romance and sets the perfect mood for time with that one special person. Drawing on inspiration from Giveon, the R&B vibes of the song meld with Bakian’s smooth baritone.

The maturity of his last single continues with this one. The change in style to one more R&B than pop is wonderfully executed. You can also hear the experience he has from his wealth of releases despite his young age.

The R&B vibes of ‘Don’t You Like That’ hit you from the first moment. The deep tones of the melody build the feeling and lead you to Bakian’s smooth baritone. The light cymbals create this beat that you need to move to. The melody is understated and allows the vocals to shine. The performance is strong and has this sultry note to it that goes down like a smooth drink.

The vocal performance is amazing on this track. There is an unbelievable control as Bakian modulates his voice to push the melody further. The lyrical arrangement is as smooth as his vocals and puts you into the romantic mood he wishes to create.

Infused with R&B, James Bakian continues to enchant with his single ‘Don’t You Like That’. His smooth baritone melds with the deeper tones of the melody for a strong performance. If ‘Asleep’ did not make you a fan, this song definitely will.

Find out more about James Bakian on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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