James Stephen – Until You (2020)

James Stephen is a folk-rock singer hailing from Stockport. He has been asserting himself as one of the stalwarts of unsigned Manchester since seeping onto the open mic scene at 15. He is ready to continue captivating listeners with ‘Until You’, the fourth single off his upcoming EP.

The song, like others from the EP, is an honest tale of personal experiences. It charts a romantic rollercoaster going into the devotion felt towards another. It winds through personal feelings at the start, middle and end of contact with someone.

‘Until You’ has a very gentle opening that eases you into the track. The song has a very bluesy Americana vibe to it that is driven by guitars. The melody is very easy on the ears and has a flowing quality to it. It helps you sink into the track and take note of the vocals and lyrics.

While you sink into the melody, Stephen’s vocals draw you into the emotion of the track. The performance is clear and emotive with a raw honesty that sticks with you long after the song ends. As the vocals caress your senses, the lyrics add a beauty to the track. There is a sadness and devotion to the lyrics that are enchanting.

James Stephen enchants with the bluesy ‘Until You’ through a powerful and emotive performance. The track is easy to fall into as the melody soothes you while the vocals gently grab your attention. If this is what his upcoming EP has to offer, we can’t wait for its release.

Find out more about James Stephen on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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