Zamaran – Authenticity (2020)

Drawing on a range of musical influences, Zamaran address a number of prominent topics on their new EP Authenticity. Through the five tracks of the EP, the band considers feelings of disenfranchisement and loneliness in the digital age. These topics are tackled with cinematic tones and a brute energy that pulses through your bones.

At the heart of the EP is a solid foundation of blues and country, but Keith Banwaitt (vocals, guitar), Sam Callow (bass) and Matt Hiam (drums) draw on many others styles to round off the sound. They balance futuristic tones with cinematic soundscapes for an interesting and engaging look into the modern world. Each single considers a different topic or issue people face for a holistic approach to modern life.

The EP starts with ‘My Blood Runs Red’ which draws you in with this wonderful guitar line. The guitar fills you with a sense of power as it flows through your chest. This feeling matches up with the messaging of the track which is all about standing up for what you believe. Banwaitt’s performance has this wonderful flow that slides against your ears. As an opening track, it really sets the tone for the album and hooks you to the band’s sound.

‘Control’ has a darkness resting in the lower levels of the melody that bring out the feelings of disenfranchisement in the lyrics. There is a very smooth feel to the vocals that cut through you and fill you with a want to have more control over your life. The darker melody rests at the low levels of the track while the vocals move from depression to a soaring confrontation with the status quo. The chorus flies into the stratosphere with you along for the ride and you will find yourself yelling out with the band.

The lighter opening of ‘Living Here’s Not Enough’ leads to a countdown and very delicate vocals. The flow of the melody picks up the pace and has a searching vibe to it. This matches perfectly with the vocals which look at wanting to experience a life beyond what you are used to, primarily in space. While there is a searching vibe, there is also a very intimate feeling to the song. It is like you are hearing the innermost thoughts and feelings of the band and it covers you in a wonderful sense of connection.

‘Someone to Love’ continues the slower pace, but offers a very different vibe to the last track. There is a sense of disconnect and loneliness within the melody and vocals. Listening to the lyrics cements this feeling as they look at being connected to people digitally, but feeling alone without real-life interactions. While the song primarily considers this, there is an underlying message of the struggle young men have with feeling comfortable talking about their emotions.

The EP ends with ‘It’s Time For Love (Live Acoustic)’ which offers a simple message of prioritising love in the face of uncertainty and adversity. This live version of the song allows the emotions in the vocals shine through. There is a beautiful vibe to this track as it fills you with hope and the sense that you can change things. If you are feeling a bit down or feel that things can’t get better, this is the song you should be listening to.

Zamaran take on a disenfranchisement, loneliness and making love a priority in the beautiful and captivating EP Authenticity. Each song on the EP touches on a different part of modern life making the entire EP entirely too relatable. The change in vibe and flow of the music keeps you engaged as you are lost in the soundscape the band creates.

Find out more about Zamaran on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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